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Our mission is to assist churches in reaching their optimum potential for accomplishing
their unique purpose to bring about global impact for the Kingdom of God

The Madison-Chester & Crockett Baptist Associations are supported by the cooperative effort of 70 Southern Baptist churches in and around Madison, Chester and Crockett counties. Recognizing the cooperative principle taught in the book of Acts, churches voluntarily give to the associations in order to pool resources for evangelism, mission and ministry projects, disaster relief, assisting sister churches, providing ongoing training, and promoting fellowship between our churches.

Each year the Mission 1000 and Partnership Missions promoted and collected for the purpose of assisting the Madison-Chester & Crockett Baptist Associations with funding mission projects. These funds assist individuals from MCCBA churches with scholarships and transportation for mission projects that relate to the churches of the MCCBA.

The Madison-Chester & Crockett Baptist Associations relate to the:

  • Southern Baptist Convention
  • International Mission Board
  • North American Mission Board
  • Tennessee Baptist Convention
  • Mississippi River Ministry
  • Christian Women’s Job Corps

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